What does ‘Cukup’ mean?

Tbh, I wanted to capture the essence of a quote that is now my motto.

“Am I good enough? Yes, in fact I am”.

Michelle Obama, from her Becoming memoir.

Growing up, and even now as a young adult, I have been struggling so much with self-doubt. I am constantly second-guessing myself and I have resorted to this rigid routine that is predictable, comfortable and ultimately, not challenging me as a person to grow further.

To say that, “Yes, in fact I am good enough” is a reassurance that I am good, capable, beautiful, smart and (insert your projected adjective here), as is already. I have to trust in my capabilities and skills to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Unfortunately for me, and every other domain variation of this name is taken or very very expensive. So tak jadilah.

I saw this as an opportunity to make the blog more personal and catered to the Malaysian audience, by taking on a Malay word instead.

Cukup is a Malay translation of the word ‘enough’.

I realised that it could be used in two ways – to affirm and to stop negativity.

  • Affirm: To say you are good enough, eg. “Saya cukup bagus dah!”
  • Stop: When your mind says you look terrible, you can tell it off by saying, ‘Cukup!’ and reframe your perspective to be kinder to yourself.

Okay, but why the .club though?

Good point. The answer is simply, it was 1) an alliteration opportunity, 2) it implies that this could be a community and 3) it was a super dirt cheap domain, guys.

So, nak join #cukupclub tak 👀 

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