Can you lulus this WFH productivity checklist?

This is a very senang game to check how well you have been setting yourself up to work productively from home during this RMO phase.

Give yourself one (1) point for each question that you answer ‘Yes’ to. Don’t accidentally kira salah okay! After you tabulate your scores, find out your suggested next steps at the end of this post!

Jom, let’s start!

1. I wake up at least one hour early before my work time, to ensure I have time for myself to prepare accordingly.

2. I do not wear my pajamas / baju rumah when I am working from home.

3. I still groom myself, even minimally, eg. washing my face, combing my hair.

4. My workspace is not my bed nor is it placed in a distracting area of my house, eg. in front of the TV so I can secretly tengok TV.

5. I have clearly defined work hours which I have communicated to my colleagues, eg. it’s my Slack status or I have mentioned it to them.

6. I am proactive in scheduling face-to-face time with my manager and colleagues, if there is a need for it.

7. My lunch zone is sacred. Unless I had a pre-scheduled lunch sesh with my colleague, I do not do anything work-related during my lunch break.

8. I do have my own waktu rehat here and there during my work hours, eg. to get hydrated, to stretch, to look outside, to check in with my housemates/pets if any, or to just check social media, (let’s be honest here).

9. I have my own system to ensure I am keeping up with my tasks in a disciplined way, eg. I adhere to my to-do list, I use a distraction-free mobile app, I communicate my updates to my manager/colleague to keep me accountable.

10. I ensure I spend a minimum of 10 minutes/day for physical exercises, eg. light stretching, yoga, home-workout (or carrying your chonky cat like a barbell repeatedly if you are me)

Bonus 3 points: If I am struggling, I am able to share my concerns with my manager/colleague.

Okay, time to kira your scores, we have a total of 13 points up for grabs!

Your results

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