Hello there, thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Roshinee Mookaiah, and I started this blog to document my journey in becoming a more empowered Malaysian woman – specifically by being more mindful, confident and well- informed!

Professional commitment: I use media and advocacy to amplify a local youth political NGO, known as Undi18! Currently working towards a postgraduate in Political Communications.

Personal commitment: I live with my partner and a beautifully gebu cat called Ramesh, Ram the Cat if you feel fancy, or just Ram if you know him personally.

Passion projects: I have a background in theatre, journalism and even short-films. Currently, I am focusing on three things – I curate a HONY-inspired platform called Malaysian Indian Anthology that I founded in 2019, I write for this Cukup.Club blog and I am involved in supporting the #111Initiative movement which pushes for more women political participation!

Since I turned 25 in 2019, I became acutely aware that I am currently at the prime of my youth, and that I should not let my life pass me by. I had been chasing an elusive ‘happy’ future – one where I would magically wake up suddenly with the realization that yes, I am happy, beautiful, smart and confident woman.

Obviously, this is not the case for Mindfulness, Confidence and Knowledge have to be cultivated. It is a long process of continuous learning and unlearning.

That is what this blog documents – the messy process and reflections.

I hope that in me writing these thoughts down, someone, anyone, would be able to resonate and feel connected to these shared life experiences as well.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. It may not be comfortable but it is a sign of strength!”

-Paraphrased from Dr. Brene Brown for my phone’s lock screen quote.

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