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Is your kerja your only identity?

Now that I am unemployed, I found myself stumbling to answer the question, 'Let's introduce ourselves'. It was definitely not the most eloquent moment from myself, but it brought up the question afterward about who I am when I am not professionally employed by an

Changing your negative self-talk with the Paperclip Challenge

I recently concluded the book ‘The Kindness Method’ by Shahroo Izadi (I will be doing a full rumusan buku on it soon)! Shahroo, a behavioral change specialist, wrote this very practical book containing maps and guidance for readers who want to change their habits for good – be it

Nak start your own bullet journal but scared to do it? Read this first!

“Track the past, Organise the present, Plan for the future.” Ryder Carroll I have been bullet journaling for two years plus now – and I can attest to the fact that starting my own journaling practice has been very useful for my productivity, and more importantly, my mental health

Rebuilding my relationship during RMO

By the end of last week (three weeks into RMO), I completely broke down and cried to Kula, my live-in partner. I had been trying so hard for the past one week to be extra nice to him, yet I still felt disconnected from the only person I have had direct access to for the

Why you should tidur tenang tonight, more so during a pandemic

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In every self-help book I have read about productivity and happiness, sleep hygiene is always prioritized without fail! Quick fact – Getting an extra hour of sleep would do more for a person’s daily happiness compared to a $60,000 raise. Like DJ Khalid, imma give you another one:

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